Increasing personal independence through a new personalised budget

The personalisation of wheelchairs to meet the individual user’s needs is being made possible through a flexible personal wheelchair budget. The benefit for wheelchair user, Dylan, is an adaptable chair that has given him the mobility and confidence to live independently. For the system, not requiring a daily carer saves around £13,000 over three years.
Dylan, 19, has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair for his mobility. He is determined to live independently and has just begun studying computer forensics and cyber security at university.

Dylan in his wheelchairThrough a new personal wheelchair budget, Dylan was able to specify additional features on a new powered wheelchair which means he can live independently for the first time.

Says Dylan: “My personal wheelchair budget has literally changed my life.  Now I’m living at university and socialising like any another student.”

His new chair allows him to make small but significant changes that have really positive benefits for him, such as letting him lower his foot-rests so he can shower independently, as well as recharge his chair without help. He can easily adjust his height so he can reach kitchen benches to cook and walk alongside people at the same level.

By using this flexible funding across health and social care, Dylan is better able to meet his mobility needs and his wider health and wellbeing needs. It also provides critical savings for the system – not requiring a daily carer saves around £13,000 over three years.