Joint care from the Community Stroke Team and Stroke Association’s Reablement Service promotes the health and wellbeing of stroke survivors

Partnership working between the NHS and the Stroke Association’s Reablement Service is ensuring that people receive timely community based holistic care and support after a stroke, boosting both their health and wellbeing.

Angela 53, was a busy mum of three when she had a life-changing stroke.

“I was babysitting my grandchildren, when I felt a strange sense of impending doom. I always knew I’d been at risk of stroke as it runs in my family. Both my grandmas died of strokes, aged 43 and 52. I was just days away from turning 51.”

Angela lost the feeling in her left side and tried to tell her husband she was having a stroke, but the words would not come out. Her husband, also a stroke survivor, recognised the signs and called an ambulance immediately.

After being rushed to hospital it was confirmed that Angela had had two strokes, caused by a hole in the heart.

After returning home a month later, she was supported by the Community Stroke Team, receiving physiotherapy, occupational therapy and psychological support.  Angela was then referred to the Stroke Association’s Reablement Service, which provides high quality information, practical advice and emotional support following a stroke, and it helped her to regain her life.

Angela was encouraged to join several groups, where she could meet others affected by stroke and take part in workshops to help with her recovery.  “I met so many inspirational people at the group who helped me so much, I wanted to give back.”

Having worked in the beauty industry, Angela developed a beauty workshop to help stroke survivors who have also lost the use of movement in one side.