4. Improving population health

5.26. During 2019, we will deploy population health management solutions to support ICSs to understand the areas of greatest health need and match NHS services to meet them. Over the coming years these solutions will become increasingly sophisticated in identifying those groups of people who are at risk of adverse health outcomes and predict which individuals are most likely to benefit from different health and care interventions, as well as shining a light on health inequalities. We will be able to routinely identify missed elements of pathways of care for individuals and ensure that those gaps are filled. This will also support greater transparency of health and social care data on population health outcomes and organisational performance.

5.27. The use of de-personalised data extracted from local records, in line with information governance safeguards, will enable more sophisticated population health management approaches and support world-leading research. We will make frictionless APIs available to industry and the developer community to stimulate innovation and support integration with other products. We will enable the NHS to work with suppliers to develop user journeys, supplemented with data and insights, that help clinicians to do their jobs more effectively and more efficiently. The initial API and workflow integration initiatives will develop towards full integration with smart home and wearable devices.