Rapid Access Diagnostic Clinic for patients with vague symptoms at Guy’s and St Thomas’

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A Rapid Access Diagnostic Clinic at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust for patients with vague but worrying symptoms shows promising early results.

The clinic was launched at Guy’s Hospital in December 2016. Patients are referred after presenting to their GP or A&E with vague but worrying ‘red flag’ symptoms.

The patient journey includes an initial appointment with a consultant and advanced nurse practitioner, investigative tests (conducted on the same day or within seven days) and a follow-up appointment with three potential pathways: two-week-wait cancer referral; referral for benign but serious condition; or discharge to primary care with appropriate advice.

Of the 570 patients seen during the first 16 months, 8.6% were diagnosed with cancer, and 25% of these were stage 1 or 2.